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“My three year old John has a virus and a runny nose, fever, and begins showing eyelids and pedal edema which prompts me to visit the pediatrician. At the pediatrician he has pitting edema on the legs and is excreting maximum amount of protein in a urine test. The pediatrician calls Miami Childrens Hospital  and tells me to bypass the ER and go straight through. I was told not to wait for my husband, just go straight to the hospital. John was diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome at Miami Childrens Hospital after some lab work results and symptomotology. An autoimmune disorder of the kidneys where the kidneys get inflamed and protein is leaked into the urine instead of returning to the systemic blood route. He is placed on albumin transfusions and lasix. Urine is dark amber and my world feels like it is crumbling. Prayers from friends and family were started. At the hospital he began corticosteroid treatment and remained on them until 11/2014 when we were able to take him off. We even tried cytoxan (a chemotherapeutic drug) for 8 weeks and that did nothing. He relapsed as he became steroid dependent.

November 2014 – Around the time before we began the new drug I was approached by Kath who asked me if she could work on John. I asked what that meant and she explained it was deep prayer and mediation in which she focused on repair and regeneration, of course I said positive intentions / prayers are always welcomed. I explained to her we were in a critical moment in his care as we  were running out of options of drugs to get him off the harmful corticosteroids. She was willing to pray for him and call it what you want but as I mentioned before this has been nothing less than a “miracle”. We tried 4 types of drugs, Chinese herbals, raw garlic, honey, you name it we tried it. So happens none of it was the cure. We are grateful for Kath, and all who prayed for him as he is now on a good road. The alternative would have been permanent kidney scarring and possible transplantation in which this syndrome returns 90% of the time.

Monica Amador–Special Education teacher and soon to be registered nurse. Miami Fl.


“I have had back pain for many years. I live in Michigan but traveled to Miami and received a treatment from Kath Kelly. I had one treatment of Divine Line and could stand up straight and was pain-free.” ‘ The next day I caught myself bending over like I have for many years, and then said to myself,’  “Oh yah, I can walk now, standing straight up.” ‘I will continue to work with Kath long distance with her energy work of Divine Line.’– Bob Ferris, computer expert, Ypsilanti Mi.

“The original complaint was instability of my hips. I would wake up in the morning and feel imbalanced and crooked. I would have to spend 10 minutes doing squats and exercises to try to balance myself. I had one treatment of Divine Line with Kath, and now I wake up in the morning like a perfect human being. There is no trace of any imbalance, or instability in my hips. I even did Chi Gong and an exercise routine and had no instability in my hips. To wake up in the morning and have to do nothing to stabilize myself is a REVOLUTION! Ever since the treatment, I have been 100%.” —Dashi Chu Kocica, Acupuncturist, Miami Fl.

“I felt very off after the knee surgery. My body was looking for balance. One leg was longer and one leg was shorter. Now I feel better. I don’t feel crooked. I was compensating. My gate was not correct because of the muscles. The engagement is getting more correct. When I put my legs together, I feel straight.”– Bodhi Kocica Licensed Massage Therapist, Miami, Fl.

“I do an energy center balancing on myself, and after the first session with Kath they are more balanced.”–Marci Resnicoff,  Registered Nurse, NY, New York

I sense a lifting of the spirit. Like the sun coming out from behind the clouds. I had never felt the energy running thru the entire body. I felt bits and pieces but not the entire thing. I felt the whole stream of energy from energy centers to the legs. Before I felt ½ upper , and 1/2 lower ..I could not maintain the energy flow thru the entire body, and now I can feel it from top to bottom when you work on me.  My physical therapist also reports “You’re straighter. I was on the table , ‘ you’re getting straighter faster.’ He did not have to work as hard to get me straighter or the results he was after. —Bambi,   Naples, Italy

I want to let you know that I’m doing much better every day. Much improved. Originally I wasn’t able to even take a full breath and now I can breathe almost a full breath today.  Also, I was having spasms and stuff like this, so thank you so much for your help. —Dashy Chu Kocica, Acupuncturist, Miami, Fl.

Dad & Sun

Testimonies from the nineteen eighties and nineties follow:

Thank, you for the wonderful, caring work you’ve done. It has helped me to become more open to the wisdom and understanding within, and then beyond. —Steve R. Connecticut

As my energy field is being aligned, I feel like I am connecting the dots in my life. Things I have always wanted to do are moving into place very quickly. I feel the change, momentum, and new doors opening. —Atena K. Miami. Fl.

Her service has helped restore the total energy within my body. It has reduced the shakiness and the loss of balance I’ve been experiencing. She has and will always be a help to attain this goal. —Suzanne T. New York

I find that coming to regular visits has improved the flexibility in my back and  neck, which with less and less time to work out on a regular basis is so comforting. My posture has improved since my visits. She is informative, gentle and very considerate. —Sarah, New York

I have been fighting a very painful pattern for an awfully long time. Now that I ‘m releasing, my mind is also clearing. It’s very painful, but also freeing and exhilarating. I’m becoming more honest. It’s about time.– Ellen K. New York

What does this work mean to me? It means better health, sound and sensible therapy being applied directly to the source of pain. The most exciting part about it is, there are no drugs, painful injections or nauseating medicines to take. Since I have been seeing Dr. Kelly, I feel much more relaxed and energetic. Now I am able to sleep and wake up in a better frame of mind. Besides the fact that Dr. Kelly is a great doctor, she is a also a good friend. She takes personal interest in her patients. This way she knows whether we feel comfortable with the treatment and whether we see any progress in our health, which of course we do. I personally think she is the coolest doctor I ever met, and she gave me a new view about bone structure and how this magnificent work or art is integrated with the rest of our body and brain. I am most thankful to God for bestowing her with the talent and intelligence to help people the way she does. —Alexander Fermin, New York

It has changed my life. That is a pretty grand statement to make, but since I have been seeing Kathleen Kelly, I have noticed some dramatic change in my life. As we progress through the phases I have noticed a much freer mobility in my neck and spine area. This freedom directly corresponds to the new freedom I am experiencing in my life. I am focused in my acting (career) and in my life in general. —Jim Searl, Actor, New York

I have a lot of friends in Mexico who are therapeutic Masseuses who used to do a lot of work on me. I can feel an immediate difference in my posture, and also my stress level. I have always internalized everything, so this type of work is really going to be beneficial. Already all the knots I usually have between my shoulders have been reduced considerably. I have also noticed that my mind is much clearer. —Susan Ritter,  New York, NY  Server