Divine Line®, Craniosacral Therapy, energized water

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I am Rev Kathleen Kelly. I am an energy practitioner, I offer SERVICES as a Licensed Massage Therapist (MA44343). Daisy Design LLC , Divine Line. In

1986 I graduated from Chiropractic College.

2nd Samuel 23:4
…he is like the light of morning at sunrise on a cloudless morning.

I developed Divine Line, an energy-based work which begins with an energy pattern outline. I am currently offering  a complimentary energy pattern outline, which can be discussed via telephone. This can be requested at kkmail107@gmail.com. Please leave your contact information and the best time to reach you.

The following discomforts have improved for clients and are expressed throughout the website: back pain, tingling and numbness, neck pain, Sciatica, tooth pain, imbalance, stress, overwhelm,  low range of motion, feeling “blocked” or limited energetically, cloudy thinking, poor posture. These individuals have received an energy pattern outline as well as sessions with either Divine Line or Craniosacral Therapy. Vertebral column patterning affects muscles and tension. Stress pattern analysis and bodywork is based on my background of structural knowledge and massage, unlocking muscle tension caused from both adhesions and overal posture.

Improved health is the result of many new methods in bodywork over recent years. I have combined my gift with my standard education to bring the best of what I have to offer to my clients both national and international.

Health and wellness care today is impacted by practitioners who know how to enliven, redirect, strengthen, and somehow change the subtle energies of the body through low impact, non-invasive methods with no side effects.

Divine Line is based on the understanding that strengthening the life force , unifies the field and promotes healing. Since it is energy based It can be done either long distance or in person and offers complimentary care to people seeking other healing modalities.