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Three experiences of a Divine Line® Energy Session

Andrea F.Andrea P. — Pam L.


Andrea F.

Energy Pattern Outline

lady-sunsetHer energy was diffused around her crown center, not entering it directly. Her flow of energy then continued to the right of her heart center, and there was diminished flow down her right leg. From a side view, her flow of energy was behind her body and then moved forward at her sacral center.

Andrea F., a Reiki practitioner, explains, “Reiki has changed my life, although I have a frustration practicing Reiki, and that is that I want more energy to come in. I know that there is more energy there but that it isn’t going through my body now as it should. And I know that. Energy Centers V2I don’t know how to open it up.”

“After my first energy pattern reading, Kath said, there is more Reiki energy available to me. After she mentioned this, I had a feeling of waiting for a very long time until the work could be done.”

The first session of Divine Line  was completed.

Second Energy Session

In the first session, balancing of the heart center allowed her flow of energy to recenter more over the heart center. Then the crown center responded by receiving her higher energies more directly and strongly. The second session would complete this process.

After the second session, Andrea says, “The energy is not knocking on the door of my crown center anymore. Now it is moving through it and filling my body as well as my hands. The difference for me now is that I am more connected in my body as I lay hands on myself or someone else.”

“Before, I never felt the energy in my body. That is the difference! It moves through my entire body. The energy is not getting stuck at the crown center anymore. And because of this, my Reiki energy is amplified.”

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Andrea P.

A grandmother who has studied a hands-on healing method.

First energy pattern outline

daisy-2The crown center was receiving energy from the right side. There was a block in the throat center. Her energy pattern had shifted to the right of her body as well as moving behind it rather than through it.

Andrea P. says, “Learning hands on healing really changed my life drastically. I have new ways of thinking about situations in my life, and this has affected the way I want to make decisions. When I try to decide something, I often feel confused. It is a feeling triggered by the decision-making process itself, which is a recurring theme.”

“Another thing that has changed for me after I learned hands-on healing is how I am being a grandmother. I don’t want to mother like I have in the past. I know more about taking care of myself, and I have new tools. But I find I am not able to let go and move into my new way of being a mother as I would like to. I feel something holding me back, like a pattern. I wanted to work with Kath to open my energy and amplify my hands on healing.”

The first session was completed.

Second energy pattern outline

The throat center had shifted and was not as blocked. The energy pattern had recentered over the first and second center.

After Andrea P.’s session, she says, “Balancing my energies and opening myself up to my higher frequencies made me feel really good. This freed me from a kind of automatic mothering response that I believe is part of my heritage. I still love my children but take care of myself now too. I understand the boundary between myself and them.”

Andrea P. concludes, “I enjoy grand motherhood, and I am more in control of my life. Kath removes the blockages in my spiritual path. She clears my path, the path where I am walking.”

During the second session the crown center recentered as the heart center expanded and opened.

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Pam L.

An editor, who has been a member of the moon circle in Miami for twenty years.

First energy pattern outline

baby-in-cupboardThe crown energy was coming in at a forward angle. The brow center was blocked. The flow shifted to the right at the solar plexus. The root center, was blocked on the left side, and there was more energy movement down the left leg than the right. The first session of Divine Line® was completed.

Second energy pattern outline

The flow had recentered over her solar plexus. The brow center was blocked. The crown center energy came in at a forward angle.

After the second session, this is what Pam L. had to say,

“I feel that I can see the third eye. I can actually access the third eye now in terms of achieving a sort of meditative state, which I felt blocked from doing before, and which now I can focus through.”

Kath: “How does that feel for you?”

Pam: “Well it feels calmer as a result of that because having that blocked feeling there is anxiety provoking. I felt boxed in, in a way. Boxed! That’s how I felt. I couldn’t contact any higher power or anything. When I look at my third eye now, I can see a light there, whereas before I couldn’t see the light. It was black, as if I didn’t have a third eye. So that’s a good feeling.”

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